Lesson 1

Put Unit Name and Title and concepts and stuff

Today in class we picked an artist and analyzed some of their works. My group, which consisted of Tina, Fion, Pinar, and Humayra had chosen photographer Tina Barney.

Here are some of her images that we looked at.



We analyzed these photos based on photography elements such as perspective, pattern, colour, balance, texture, space, framing, and lines.


these are our findings

Perspective – the shot is very neutral makes you feel as tho you are in Tina’s position witnessing a scene.

Space – The depth of field created a feeling of space in the image however

Balance – The image’s weight is evenly distributed, people, objects, and a detailed background are a few things that help balance the subject in the photo.

Colour – The colours are also sometimes faded looking like somewhat of a 90’s image. most colours used are usually within a range of a specific colour scheme in one image

Depth of Field – Her images aren’t blurred most of the time and everything is shown



(-> how conventions affect the audience, e.g the 90’s colour gives off nostalgia to some ppl, and add my interpretation or opinion of her works.





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