Lesson 3

Today we began the class by entering the room to see a few new keyword on the whiteboard. A few people than proceeded to write down what each of these meant.

Manipulation: Could refer to photo editing that is used to change how an image used. When referring back to the butterfly technique we know that sometimes a small change makes a huge difference.

Composition: Taking the image in a specific way. Having to fix the scene before taking the image.

Focus: Could mean the subject of the image or could refer to photography techniques such as zoom, focuz, and depth of field.

Close up: A type of camera angle which usually is of one person or object. Can be used to show specific focus or emotions.

Viewer: What the audience of our images sees. What would they feel?

Later in class we did a little activity to help us understand what Fairness and Development was. (put image and reference and discussion)


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