This whole unit we focused on one topic; Photography. Or the Photo Essay. This is unit our global context was Fairness and Development. Our task was to create a photo essay with the minimum of 5 photographs. This photo essay should show the Global Context through the pictures and description. Mine was about being different, that it’s okay to be different.

Through this unit I learnt different things such as techniques and terminology of Photography. I also learnt that some stories, even some of the best ones are not written or read, they sometimes can be seen.

I think this unit went great as I like photography. But I could have worked on my time management. I did not feel like my photo essay was the best I could do and I hope next quarter I can do better.

In conclusion, I think this unit went better than I expected it to be. I frankly liked the unit and had a lot of fun with it. As is, many things went wrong this unit, but I think more things went right.