Let’s talk about our global context for this quarter, Orientation in Space and Time. What does it refer to? Basically, it refers to the development of how things have changed throughout the time. It could be civilizations and social histories, natural and human landscapes and resources or even the evolution and adaptation of something.

It can fall under any of this;

• civilizations and social histories, heritage; pilgrimage, migration, displacement and exchange

• epochs, eras, turning points and ‘big history’

• scale, duration, frequency and variability

• peoples, boundaries, exchange and interaction

• natural and human landscapes and resources

• evolution, constraints and adaptation

It mainly denotes to the involvement of the development in our society and environment. A common example would be how technology and inventions have created machineries and vehicles to make our lives easier. For example, we started from walking till the bicycles, motorcycles, cars, planes and so on! Throughout the time, us human beings broke our boundaries and formed an unexpected and fresh society, where our future belongs. In relation to visual art, it has changed from different art styles and new art forms were also created during these period of times. Isn’t it amazing!


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