For today, our lesson was mainly based on composition and space in artworks. In the beginning of the lesson, we were told to simply sketch a drawing about fruits, which was kind of an unexpected task. However, I then understood the objective of the lesson, which is to learn how to use space and compose an organized composition.

Then, Ms. Hana picked several drawings that have different composition in the same theme and topic. She then explored and went through each composition and explained the difference and importance of using space. As teacher was showing us the contrast of each composition from the drawings, I’ve realized that space plays an important part in art works, as it tends to create a more organized and understandable composition. Just like how a sketch of fruits being drawn on a bowl would look tidier and more comprehensible than the scattered sketch of fruits.

Basically, composition is the arrangements and placements of parts or elements combined together as a whole piece. It has brought a bigger impact to images and art pieces as it makes it easier for artist to compose their intention to their viewers and guided them throughout the organizations.

Later on, teacher showed us a video presentation about Hockney’s ‘Pearblossom Highaway’ where Hockney tells the audience about his technique and how he came up with the idea of this famous photomontage. I was also inspired by his style as it gave me the idea of creating my photomontage.

After watching the video, I could relate many parts of the video to our visual art lesson. For instance, he applied the butterfly effect and a good composition into his photomontage by taking pictures of different objects at the same location with various angles and created a whole new unexpected well organized composition. I am also impressed by the way he arranges the collages perfectly to form a whole new perspective on the image. In my opinion, it is the beautiful composition of Hockney and his techniques such as the center-viewpoint that made all his works so successful as it effectively shared the messages of each photomontage.

Personally, I really enjoy the piece “Pearblossom Highway” as it gives me the desire of travelling into the picture. From the beautiful photomontage, I can see a well-captured landscape displayed with colors that were balanced and adjusted perfectly as we can see the color of the sky was light blue and he shows the juxtaposition of the sky with the land using the element of warm color.

“Pearblossom Highway, 11-18th April 1986, #2 by David Hockney.” Pictify. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 May 2015.

Another activity we did that I really liked about composition was when we got grouped, then given bits of paper, where we were given a scene what we had to act out, my group, which consisted of Rania, Ayin, Tina and Pinar, were given the bit of paper that said ‘riding a roller coaster’. Here are some of our pictures. [Note: I was the photographer.]

image1 image3 image4


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