What is Dadaism?

Basically, it is an art from that was found by a group of people, Dada during the World War I period of times. It was first found in Switzerland then spread to other countries like Germany.

This European art movement was created to express the feelings of majority with the conflict of World War I as the art communicates with its composition with its background over the outlines. As I researched, most artists tend to feel furious about the idea of World War I and had used their time to create this art movement throughout the war while hiding.

There are many types of issues that affect society toady, in this post I am going to talk about social issues. In our society, we face social problems such as racism and discrimination for being different. Teenagers normally face these issues and it triggered to many suicidal and drug dealing cases for not having a proper growing environment. Furthermore, it will also spread to more and more which impacts more and more young individual’s perspective and mind, causing more social problems as they will follow the majority and discriminate those from poor countries.

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What is Futurism?

Generally, it refers to an art movement that focuses on speed, technology and modernity as an inspiration. Furthermore, it is also self-invented and was an important Italian avant-grade art movement in the 20th centuries. It has also merged elements of politicized art and communicates a strong message about the future with viewers through its unique compositions of machineries and things we would never expect to see in real life.

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How does it have an influence on Photomontage?

It is kind of similar to Photomontage, as they both tend to create a new perspective on the audience with their unique and unexpected composition to break boundaries compared to a normal photography with only one image. Both of them also convey and communicate their messages with its composition of the figure of piece and shows developments of each element to guide the viewers into the right way of enjoying the piece.

How can you relate Futurism to Visual Culture?

I can relate to it from the boundaries that Futurism has tended to focus on. The main reason that we have a wide Visual Culture world is because many artists tend to use their creativity and sometimes create an unexpected composition, which eventually invents a new art form, which is why we have so many different interesting art forms today.

I can also relate this to our Global Context as it Futurism shows the development of the society today and show how improvements can help change the world into a better place and creating more inspiring pieces to communicate with society and viewers.

Indeed, the relationship of Futurism has definitely created and shaped majority of people to think in a fresher way because Visual Culture is generally about is our imagination and ingenuity. In my opinion, Futurism has attained that and manipulated and make a big change to our society today by its elements and expressions of each piece.


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